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Siddharth Chauhan has partnered with top media houses, outlets, filmmakers & brands. Over the last several years, he has created a diverse body of work for his clients.


Through his experience & expertise, he ensures that the entire filmmaking process runs smoothly and can help with everything you need through all three phases of production. His services are fully customisable and he likes to adapt to the needs of every client and project. 


Consulting is more than giving advice. Are you stuck in the process of writing your script? Do you have a script but you don’t know what to do with it? Do you need help and advice on where to go to find financing? Do you need to shoot your film on a certain budget level and need help figuring out how to do that? Have you made a film and need help as to how to approach the festival circuit? Whatever your needs, I can tailor a consultation that works for you and your needs. 



Are you struggling with the concept? Not happy with the story? Do you feel the Script or dialogues need to be fleshed out more?

Siddharth can help you with some constructive feedback, idea generation, re-writing, handhold and guide you till you have a satisfactory draft of your script ready. If you don't want to write, hire Siddharth to write your Script.



As a filmmaker, Siddharth understands how important the ‘cast’ is. In addition to working with talent representatives & casting agencies he frequently seeks out fresh talent from all parts of the country. 



Something is not working but you can’t pin point what… Not happy with that cut? Should you edit your film yourself or hire someone else? Though invisible, the art of editing forms the most important part of the post-production part of filmmaking. Editing is very unique in films / cinema as it can create sensually provocative montages, bring out the emotional truth in an actor’s performance, hide flaws in scripting and most importantly - create meaning.


MYF (Make your Film) - Personal Coaching

Intensive Personal Coaching from Siddharth Chauhan available in Online & Offline mode. Over regular hands on - intensive training sessions, filmmakers can brainstorm, write, discuss, plan and shoot their films along with Siddharth with the aim of honing their craft & discovering their unique expressions. You will also be educated about the various ways in which you can fund & produce your short films in India. Offline applicants must be prepared to live and breathe filmmaking for the length of their stay in Shimla. 



Welcome to my world of storytelling! With a passion for crafting unique &  compelling narratives, I bring forth a blend of creativity, originality, vision, and technical expertise to breathe life into stories. As a director, I embark on each project with a commitment to translating ideas into vivid, emotive experiences on screen striving to create something never seen before. Whether it's capturing the essence of diverse landscapes or delving into the depth of human emotions, my aim is to orchestrate every scene, every frame, to resonate with authenticity and impact.

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