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~ Amar Colony ~

Absurd Drama

Quietly, a slum lives in the hills..

where a wheelchair-bound mother with her son, a pregnant woman with her absent husband and an elderly couple with their grandson live and hide their stories of oppression behind the façade of their building called Amar Colony. 


The disabled mother demands respect for her beloved pigeon. Caught in the maze of loneliness, the pregnant woman finds her escape in a tomato. When paranoia strikes an elderly woman who places her faith in Lord Hanuman, she battles it with a mace.

'Amar Colony' is life itself with its psychological conundrums, its scandals, its politics. A surreal and absurdist take on isolation and connection: fantasy meeting cold reality. Its inhabitants embody a multigenerational humanity, bound together in a limited space. They meet, talk, share secrets, believe in god and refuse to die.

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"A haunting debut...

Makes a profound comment on the human condition."

Namrata Joshi (Screen International)

"Heralds the advent of a filmmaker

endowed with the ability to see beyond the surface of things...

A meticulously crafted, hypnotic film that is firm

in a deliberate rhythm..."

Saibal Chatterjee (NDTV


"A satire on mankind. 

A delicate, rich and unique portrait of an exotic community

that in fact represents all of us."

- Malaika Bova, (POFF)​​


"Almost everyone is trapped,

not merely by the bricks and walls of Amar Colony,

but also metaphorically. "

Kaveree Bamzai (The Open Magazine)


"Debunks the show of desire through a gendered or moral lens.

There is not a single dull moment..."

- Tanushree Ghosh (Money Control)


"Daring, picturesque and inhabited by characters

bursting with life energy.

Taboo-breaking in many ways."

- Marina D Richter (Asian Movie Pulse)

"A strikingly original Indian debut. 

Opens the crevices in which we all hide the vices. A dirty gem!"

- Livan Garcia-Duquesne (D Movies)

"Chauhan should be applauded for his boldness and courage

in tackling a topic that is often quietly pushed aside in India."

- Asian Culture Vulture

"The film breaks a new ground in Indian cinema

for its sheer uncategorisability.

A powerfully understated narrative delving into universal themes of human longing, sadness, desire and death...   "

- UK Asian Film Festival


"A striking and hypnotic drama that grapples with the conflict between community and the individual."

- London Indian Film Festival

"You can watch this film more than once and still be guaranteed to discover new things. Poetic, candid and razor-sharp portrayal

of an overlooked piece of humanity. A unique gem. "

- MOOOV Film Festival, Belgium

"An intense and surprisingly raunchy drama..."

- Cary Sawhney

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